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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 23.2.2021
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    The year 2020 gave us all a lot to adapt to – new ways-of-working, connecting, and communicating. The shift from physical to digital accelerated, and we were thrown years into the future. But as huge Art fans, we found that something was missing from our lives – visiting art galleries and museums.

    Following is a brief on our new spin-off product, Virtual Art Gallery, designed for Art galleries to grab hold of the current momentum and leap into the future.

    How can the Art experience be transformed into digital?

    We know more than well that physically exploring and experiencing Art is irreplaceable. But through meticulous research, we found a way to satisfy our insatiable hunger for Art. Our goal is not to compete with real Art or replace a physical gallery experience but to extend it to a virtual dimension.


    Virtual Art Gallery has been designed and developed for Art professionals to solve their specific problems and match their workflow.


    Virtual Art Gallery bridges the gap between physical and online presence. It is not a replacement but an addition and a way to scale your sales and marketing efforts with as little extra effort as possible.

    Explore Jani Leinonen Virtual Art Gallery here: https://webar.arilyn.com/janileinonen/ or scan the QR code below with your mobile device's camera.


    Create virtual exhibitions quickly and effortlessly

    Virtual Art Gallery is, by its name and definition, a virtual extension to a physical gallery. It is a tool for galleries to extend their reach and to connect Art to their lovers. Virtual Art Gallery can display any works of Art. Be it pictures, videos, or sculptures as 3D models or photogrammetry models. 


    You can immerse the Art buyer in a curated exhibition with spatial context.


    The Virtual Art Gallery Creator features multiple pre-designed gallery spaces. And if that is not enough, you can even commission your own custom gallery space to match your physical gallery. Of course, you can also get creative, as there are no physical restrictions in virtual architecture! You can even design the gallery space around the Art you want to exhibit.

    You can visualize the end experience to match your Art gallery's brand elements. If you wish, you can even add background audio. 


    Virtual art galleries are ready-to-publish content for your marketing channels.


    Art galleries can leverage their current channels with materials already at their disposal. The minimum materials needed are photographs and information about your Art. It only takes minutes to create a virtual exhibition by hanging the Art to the virtual walls. 

    A virtual gallery can also save time and effort spent creating printed materials or updating multiple websites and online viewing rooms (OVR) with custom content. As the gallery is shareable like a website, you can spread your experience through your current channels and communications.


    Designed for maximum impact

    Virtual Art Gallery is designed not only for the Art professional but also for the Art buyer. Visiting a virtual gallery is effortless and highly immersive.

    You can spread your virtual art gallery via email and social media. The Art buyer can follow the link and experience the exhibition immediately from a desktop computer or a mobile device, without app downloads or installations.


    Display your Art online to extend your physical Art Gallery's presence, reach and impact.


    The Art buyer visits the virtual gallery like a physical one. After visiting the gallery and finding their favourite piece, the Art buyer can contact the gallery directly. They can ask for more information, request a private showing, or acquire the Art immediately. Virtual Art Gallery is not aiming to replace your physical gallery or sales processes. It seeks to extend them.


    Why Virtual Art Gallery is a big deal?

    Virtual Art Gallery is almost as good as the real thing but infinitely more accessible. The virtual experience is familiar to gallery visitors, private, safe, and without disturbances, focusing on the Art itself.

    A virtual exhibition is a way to reach millennials and generation Z Art buyers in a way that is natural to them. They are native to digital platforms and require experiences that stand out and speak to them in their language.

    The world is transforming from physical to digital, and the world of Art sales is no exception. The Art itself will always remain physical, but you can scale its visibility online to make your Art available for more potential Art buyers. 

    Virtual Art Gallery enables galleries to display their collections with no physical limitations. Think multiple simultaneous, always-open global exhibitions with virtually unlimited wall space. 


    Follow Virtual Art Gallery on social media to stay on track with all the fantastic exhibitions that go virtual. We will be presenting our clients' galleries and showcase our ever-evolving collection of pre-designed architectural gallery spaces.


    Explore Virtual Art Gallery from the QR codes below. Scan them with your mobile device's camera.

    Modern gallery space:



    Classic gallery space:



    Cosy gallery space:


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