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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 27.4.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    The world has changed drastically in a short time. We are all familiar with virtual group meetings. Either everyone is shouting on top of each other to get their point through, or only one person is talking, and everyone else silently agrees. The outcome in both is the same - no one is actually paying attention.

    The pandemic and social distancing have taught us that not all meetings, presentations, and discussions need to happen face-to-face. Even if we can have physical meetings, we probably won't as often as we used to. 

    But the question is: how can virtual encounters have the same level of engagement and immersion as physical ones? Following is our take on what could offer a solution.

    Bridge the gap between the engaging virtual future and today's ineffective online presence

    The future is virtual. That's no news to anyone who stays on track with what's happening in trailblazer giants Apple, Google, Meta, and others alike. 

    But when will we get there? No one can say for sure. However, that is the path we are on, and every business that takes itself seriously should be prepared. That is why now is the time to look into the options for an extended online presence: how can you get yourself and your audience ready for the virtual future today?

    Forget the limitations of space and time - an online showroom is accessible from anywhere and is always open. You can spark your audience's curiosity with virtual content that the audience can interact with. 

    The traditional digital channels today often lack the engagement and interaction a physical encounter holds. A virtual showroom is your tool to differentiate - offer something other than a 30-slide PDF to tell your story.

    With an online showroom, you can easily extend your business's presence and reach. A showroom is a fantastic add-on to other online channels, inviting for a safe and exclusive moment with your brand.


    Immerse your audience in your story - show & tell session with a focus

    Show your offering in a way that is compelling and memorable. An online showroom will keep your audience engaged and focused. With all the other online distractions out of the way, you'll have a chance to influence and educate - to make an impact and get your message through.

    Take your time with your story. In a busy world where no one focuses on diving deep into an online presentation, a virtual showroom offers a moment to take a break and direct the focus. With undivided attention, you have an opportunity to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression.

    Lead your customers on. With clear calls to action, you can make your funnel more straightforward. Attracting, engaging, and converting - all in one smooth session. You can easily integrate your online showroom to your other online channels and guide the audience through the process. 

    Build the experience of your dreams - don't settle for reality

    A virtual showroom works like a virtual construction site; you can integrate multimedia, 3D, video, sound, images, and text into one experience. An online showroom allows you to go nuts with architecture and spatial design. As said, you can forget the limitations of space. You can create a whole adventure from the limitless amount of rooms and all the content you want!

    You don't have to settle for reality. Showcase your content in an optimized platform and spice it up as you like. You can truly meet the expectations - both your own and your customers.

    Your space can be anything and everything you have ever wished for - even something you could never dream of.

    Keeping your content up to date is easy. You don't need to worry about physical styling, construction work, or maintenance - your space will always look clean and polished. All you need to focus on is your immersive storytelling.

    And finally, the best for last: your online showroom is like a website on steroids. It is as accessible and easily shareable as a website, available to experience without downloads or installs. And the steroid part: you can display your content like never before. Your audience gets an immersive experience without downloads or installs. You get more engaged and motivated customers. 

    The online showroom is an empty stage - make it an experience that matters. Get yours from here.

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