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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 22.7.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Brand engagement is at its strongest when the customers connect and interact with the business. Every business's goal should be to evoke emotions in their audience, and what better way to do that than to place the audience's face to the brand content to spread the joy.

    Under the Christmas of 2019, Georgian mineral water brand Borjomi launched a WebAR campaign to liven their special edition packages with a customizable AR holiday greeting.

    Client Borjomi
    Graphics & Content Borjomi
    Packaging CCL Industries
    AR Production Arilyn

    For the time leading up to New Year, Borjomi wanted to find a unique way of connecting with young urban city dwellers. They aimed to liven their product and engage a younger audience to interact with the brand. 

    Connecting with a younger audience needed a modern approach, so fusing AR with their unique brand seemed like the obvious fit, and WebAR as the platform, eliminating the use of an app, even more so.

    Augmented holiday greeting made easy with WebAR

    This serving as the base for the campaign, Arilyn and our partner in packaging, CCL, proposed to Borjomi a customizable New Year's AR greeting. The experience could be launched directly in the web browser, lowering the threshold to interact with the AR content. 

    A page opened up by visiting a designated website found on the bottle, and the phone's camera appeared within the web browser, urging you to scan your Borjomi bottle. In turn, this ignited the content, a Borjomi face filter you could record, and a New Year's greeting you could type out and send to your peers. 

    Strengthening brand storytelling with AR

     "We're keeping up with the times and the tastes of our customers, following the latest trends in digital technologies, including through developing the areas of virtual and augmented reality," said Oksana Pankina, marketing manager at IDS Borjomi International.


    Borjomi's brand is all about enjoying life and staying healthy. With this AR experience designated to their audience's near and dear, Borjomi has strengthened their message. The campaign was a success, garnering attention from their target group and thus achieving its aim.

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