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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 7.11.2018
    Frida Gullichsen
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    Events are a great way to connect with an audience and present a product. When you interact face-to-face, you'll get the chance to make an impact. However, there's no way you can meet personally with every attendee. So, how can you make a true impact without chit-chatting?

    Arilyn brought augmented reality to Huawei's “Who is Huawei” event. The event exhibited the company's past, present and future to the international press. 

    Brand Huawei Mobile
    Agency Tapaus 
    AR Production Arilyn

    We employed augmented reality with Huawei to enhance all aspects of the guests' experience - rather than being a brief moment in an otherwise ordinary event.

    Making ordinary extraordinary with AR

    AR was incorporated in all aspects of the event, starting with the invite. The invite featured Huawei’s logo animated in AR, inviting the guests to explore the augmented reality pervading the event.

    The augmented experience guided the journalists through Huawei's history through an AR gallery of images depicting the company's life over the decades.  The event also featured our AR Photo Wall, complete with reindeer, with which the attendees could take pictures.

    To really drive the experience home (literally and figuratively), the guests received a leaflet they could scan to bring the reindeer back to life whenever, wherever.

    By offering the guests an experience they could literally go back to anywhere they might be, Huawei ensured they would be remembered. Augmented reality compels the audience to interact and take part, creating a lasting memory and making an impact.

    Credits for the campaign

    The event was organised in November 2017 by Tapaus for Huawei Mobile at the Clarion Hotel in Helsinki. Arilyn created the concept and produced the AR experience per the material provided by Huawei. Tapaus built the exhibition and organised the event.

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