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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 29.1.2021
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    This week in AR news, we have Ultraleap previewing an enterprise-ready AR/VR hand-tracking system, LEGO enabling kids to make augmented reality music videos, and yet another AR acquisition by Snap.

    Also, a 007 WebAR experience!

    Ultraleap previews Gemini, an enterprise-ready AR/VR hand-tracking system

    Ultraleap is a leader in hand tracking and is now offering developers a preview of its fifth-generation tracking software Gemini. According to Ultraleap, the tracking system will unlock enterprise use cases for mixed reality headsets with accurate tracking of two hands in real-time.

    Gemini enables frictionless use of mixed reality headsets. The system uses computer vision to create virtual hands, allowing the users to sense everything from pinches to taps, twists, and other gestures. 

    Compared to Ultraleap's fourth-generation solution, Orion, Gemini promises improved hand smoothness, pose fidelity, and robustness. Also, Gemini features better hand initialization, collectively enabling virtual hands and arms to appear quickly, move accurately, and not disappear or jitter as much while moving.


    Lego Vidiyo lets kids make augmented reality music videos with minifigures

    Lego Vidiyo is an application that lets people put together colorful music videos filled with special effects and dancing llamas.

    With a series of little plates called BeatBits, players can create a "stage" that defines how the music video will turn out. BeatBits contain different dance moves and visual and audio effects. Once the stage is finished, the player can scan it with the mobile app, and a music video based on the stage appears. Video creations turn out as cute little clips ranging from a few seconds to a minute.

    Sounds like an excellent way to pass the time as we wait for the world to open again!


    Snap acquires Ariel AI to enhance AR features

    Snap has acquired a British artificial intelligence start-up Ariel AI. Ariel AI focuses on computer vision; its software allows 3D human perception in real-time. It can be used to power "the next generation of consumer experiences on mobile devices."

    A demo video shows the technology rendering a 3D model from a person in real-time. The model can then be used for XR applications, such as virtual try-ons and immersive gaming.

    Snap stated that Ariel AI's team joined its computer vision team in London at the end of 2020.

    Just last week, a Snap acquisition was covered, so apparently, the company is going in hard with its AR game!


    Blackwell Rum partners with Zappar to create a WebAR experience for the upcoming 007 movie

    The last piece of AR news is a WebAR experience to ease the frustrated fans of Bond. James Bond.

    The launch of the latest title in the 007 franchise is delayed to October 2021, but the fans may enjoy the atmosphere of GoldenEye through WebAR. The WebAR experience features Chris Blackwell, co-founder and CEO of Blackwell Rum, and the GoldenEye residence owner; he plays a virtual guide sharing stories about the Jamaican rum brand and other topics of interest, such as cocktail recipes.

    The experience also presents the development of GoldenEye - from a writer's hideout to the modern and luxurious resort it is today.



    That's all for now, see you next time!

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