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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 22.10.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Varjo releases a new XR headset, Tulsa unveils "world's largest AR mural", and a man 3D-prints a dinosaur and brings it to life with augmented reality.

    Varjo Aero brings high-fidelity VR to professionals and enthusiasts

    Yes, I know this goes to the VR category, but what can I do other than hype a fellow Finn.

    The Varjo Aero headset targets VR enthusiasts and professionals who require highly realistic 3D imagery. 


    "We've heard the demand from leading-edge VR users such as aviators, creators and racing simulation enthusiasts to bring our highest-fidelity devices to everyone, not just enterprises. As a result, we are proud to bring to market Varjo Aero, the best VR headset that anyone can get. This device, together with our Reality Cloud platform, continues our mission to make a true-to-life metaverse accessible for all," said Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Varjo, Urho Konttori.


    The Varjo Reality Cloud enables someone to scan a room with a Varjo headset, and other people connect to the imagery and see it as if they were in the same room.

    Varjo Aero is the lightest headset from Varjo to date. The headset features professional-grade mini LED displays, colour tuning, contrast levels, and crystal clear aspheric variable resolution lenses.

    Varjo Aero is the company's first product available to anyone as a consumer. It still is a professional product but the "lightest" of the Varjo catalogue.

    The city of Tulsa unveils world's largest augmented reality mural: 'The Majestic'

    An update on "the world's largest AR mural" in Tulsa. 

    I was very excited about this, but after seeing the video and reading the article, I'm kinda bummed. It's a cool piece of street art and a cool piece of AR, but not exactly an augmented reality mural.

    The mural called The Majestic displays Tulsa's different aspects, from the flathead catfish to native birds to redbud tree flowers and the Oklahoma state butterfly. By scanning a QR, the viewer's mobile device takes them into an app, launching a virtual world featuring these elements.

    So, it's more of a mural taken into XR. Still cool, though! 

    Check the video here.



    Man 3D prints a dinosaur and brings it to life with AR

    An AR professional 3D-printed a full-scale Velociraptor and brought it to life through augmented reality. A video shared by Florent Germain on Twitter shows the results of this fun experiment.

    The application enlivened the 3D-printed skeleton and gave a visual comparison among Velociraptor and other related species.

    Check it out!


    That's all for now, see you next time!

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