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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 5.11.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Pepe Deluxé's new album comes in with an online Art exhibition!

    Also, Microsoft and Cisco reveal new XR solutions for working and meetings. Read on!

    Post-Halloween treat: Pepe Deluxé online Art exhibition

    Pepe Deluxé's fifth album, The Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1, is a wild collection of psychedelic prog-funk and percussive groove-rock, ripe for the dancefloor, laced with exotica flavours and upbeat songwriting.

    The album, released on October 22nd 2021 by Catskills Records, comes in accompanied by an online exhibition.


    "All the material collected for Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 during the last ten years forms a gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art. The Virtual Phantom Cabinet is a hub, digital cabinet of curiosities that brings together and expands the album's various elements," James Spectrum from Pepe Deluxé describes the exhibition.


    Visit the Phantom Cabinet online Art exhibition.

    Microsoft's Mesh for Teams brings XR to work

    Microsoft has given us a glimpse of their vision of the metaverse with its Mesh platform. Mesh is about virtual meetings taking place across HoloLens 2 and other XR headsets, computers and smartphones. The platform is still a long way away from becoming a reality for most companies. 

    To ease out the journey, Microsoft has now revealed Mesh for Teams.

    Instead of hopping on a Teams meeting with your webcam, you could pop up as a customised avatar that talks and moves along with your voice. 

    In addition to avatars, Mesh for Teams will also include pre-built immersive spaces to hang out virtually. The spaces can be anything from customised meeting spaces to office kitchens to hallways with water coolers. Microsoft says companies will eventually be able to design spaces themselves, allowing them to reflect their actual offices.

    Mesh for Teams will start rolling out in 2022.


    Cisco announces new AR meeting solution with Webex Hologram

    Global technology provider Cisco has unveiled a preview of its new hybrid work collaboration product, Webex Hologram. It is a real-time meeting solution that uses augmented reality headsets to combine Webex meeting functionality with 3D holograms.


    "Our mission at Cisco is to empower the 3 billion digital workers on the planet to participate equally from anywhere in the world," said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Security and Collaboration at Cisco's WebexOne virtual event.


    For example, when a new surgical device is introduced in the healthcare industry, physicians, technicians, sales, and support teams need to be trained quickly. With Webex Hologram, managers can now handle training remotely to save time and travel while providing the ability to see the surgical device from every angle and at its actual size as if a physician were in the room.



    That's all for now, see you next time!

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