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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 29.5.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    A new digital museum service, Digimuseo, launched in May of 2020. Digimuseo aims to make museum content available in an inspiring and safe digital environment and user-friendly for all consumers and museums.

    Up until now, museums in Finland have had a varying state of digital services, depending on their resources. Digimuseo brings a much-needed tool to equal possibilities on preservation and accessibility.

    Digimuseo Helina Rautavaara

    Client Digimuseo
    Production Arilyn

    The goal for Digimuseo is to promote and develop museum activities and collaboration, along with digital preservation and accessibility of cultural heritage.

    Digimuseo is there for both consumers and museums themselves. It offers museum services in a safe space for all to visit, regardless of time and place, and provides the technology needed for museums to operate on a digital platform.

    Behind the museum is the social enterprise Yhteinen Perintö Oy, owned by FMA Creations Oy and the John Nurminen Foundation.

    How to explore Digimuseo?

    Digimuseo opened its first services on the 18th of May 2020. The first patch of services includes special, permanent, and guided exhibitions and museum visits with a friend, as well as lectures, open discussions and excursions, information services, and museum pedagogy. 

    You can find the services Digimuseo offers from their website, but let's dig a little deeper into the augmented special exhibitions. 

    Special exhibitions

    Special exhibitions offered by Digimuseo come as virtual tours or through AR technology. The exhibits are available to explore on any smart device: smartphone, tablet, or computer. Digimuseo recommends a high-speed internet connection for your visit.

    At this point, Digimuseo offers four different special exhibits to visit: Pharmacy Museum and Gwensel House, Sarka - The Finnish Agriculture Museum, Helinä Rautavaara Museum, and The Gems of John Nurminen Foundation, the two latter being the ones using AR.

    Helinä Rautavaara and John Nurminen Foundation exhibitions are made by using WebAR, browser-based AR. WebAR allows users to have an AR experience easily: without the need to download an app.

    Digimuseo John  Nurminen Foundation

    At this point, Digimuseo's guided tours are mainly targeted to schools and nursing homes but are shortly opening more widely.

    We wish you all fantastic experiences in the virtual museum and augmented exhibits!

    After you've explored all that Digimuseo has to offer, feel free to take a tour to other AR museum experiences:

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