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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 17.1.2023
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Product packagings are rarely used to their full potential. They are essential in telling about the product itself, but they can also be a launchpad for much more. 

    First and foremost, the packaging is a medium. It is, in many cases, the first touch a consumer has with a brand. It tells about the product on a very practical level - what it is made of, who made it, where and when. 

    While this information is crucial and should be there, the packaging could tell more. And no, we're not saying that you should fill the packaging with small print that no one can actually read. We're saying to transform the packaging into a Metaverse portal!

    Say what?

    With extended reality, product packaging gains a new life in a new dimension, enabling brands to engage, immerse and impact their audiences like never before.

    Space for your brand & time for your story

    The world is full of noise. It's more and more challenging by the day to stand out. Consumers have seen it all, and - let's face it - they don't really care about your brand.

    With XR, you can extend your brand message from the physical packaging to online. Yes, you can also do this with a regular webpage, but why not take advantage of the new and improved web3 we have at hand?

    Integrating XR into your product packaging enables you to build a stronger connection with your audience. Immersive content enables you to tell your brand story in a way that is interesting and interactive. It keeps your customers focused - thus leaving a stronger memory mark.


    Use curiosity and value to earn attention in a world full of noise. Offer something of value and spark interest. Differentiate and invite your audience on an adventure.


    Make your message emotional, immersive and interactive. Tell your story without interruptions, and keep your audience focused on your content.


    Connect the emotion to your message and make it stick. When people are emotionally engaged and actively interacting with your content, they are more likely to remember your message and take action.

    Invite your customers on a journey with your brand. 

    XR packaging success stories

    We at Arilyn have nearly a decade of experience in immersive product packaging. Here are a few for inspiration!

    Inviting customers into an online brand space

    Extended reality content in your product packaging can come in many forms. The first is an online brand space, showroom, or whatever you'd like to call it.

    Utilising a brand's most influential medium to the fullest with Kotipizza

    The largest pizza restaurant chain in the Nordics, Kotipizza, transformed its sustainability story into an XR experience. 

    "The XR experience has enabled us to utilise our most influential media, the pizza box, to share our values and deepen our brand's meaning. The content is heavily attached to our most important value - sustainability. Communicating these matters comprehensively and interestingly is often challenging. Extended reality offered us a fantastic solution to tackle that," Kotipizza's Marketing Director Rainer Lindqvist describes.

    Read more here »

    Pandalicious summertime gig in a candy bag

    Candy brand Panda launched a summer campaign where its customers could win a mini concert in their own backyard. The campaign was enhanced with an extended reality experience.

    "The idea was that in addition to the main prize - an actual private mini-festival - we could share exclusive content with everyone who purchased a bag of Lakumix. While creating a reason to buy, we simultaneously added exclusive and unique content to the product, thus offering added value," Panda's Marketing Manager Anna Willberg explains.

    Read more here »

    Enhancing the physical packaging with augmented reality

    If online spaces aren't your thing, you can add immersive elements to your physical product packaging with AR. 

    Increasing customer commitment with Grandiosa

    Pizza maker Grandiosa launched a fan-designed pizza, along with an XR gig.

    "The AR content within the campaign is something different, it's a fun and surprising element of entertainment that adds value to the pizza buyers. It fits so well with the Grandiosa Extra Fan Pizza because the Extra series pizzas' are extra with their fillings, and the AR experience brings a little extra to the packaging," Grandiosa's Marketing Manager at Orkla Finland Mari Johtela describes.

    "Grandiosa Extra Fan Pizza's AR content supports Grandiosa's brand image in the right way. It increases the audience's interest and commitment towards our brand even further."

    Read more here »

    Testing, learning and growing with Arla Finland

    Nordic dairy giant Arla launched their first XR campaign with Arilyn in 2018. Since then, we have together improved the immersive storyline from playing around with a virtual cartoon cat to teaching recycling in a fun way to communicating dairy cows' life on an Arla pasture.

    Arla's XR storytelling is an example of narrative brand storytelling taken to the next level by creating an emotional bond between product and consumer. With the XR experience beginning from milk and yoghurt packaging, users could interact with Arla, adding value to an otherwise generic product category.

    Read more here »

    Make your product packaging work for you. Ignite your audience's curiosity, immerse them with interactive content and transform them into more loyal customers.

    Take the first step of your Metaverse journey.

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