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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 27.8.2018
Frida Gullichsen
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Aamu the cat, who lives in Arla’s milk cartons, went on a football-themed adventure this World Cup summer. A football field with goal and Aamu as a goalie appeared from the carton, inviting everyone to try their goal-scoring skills. High points got a place in the national hall of fame a scored goals also unlocked accessories for Aamu to wear in the next game.

Client Arla
Production Arilyn

Nordic dairy giant, Arla is one of the first to use AR to gamify a common consumer product, in this case, milk. Aamu the cat and her virtual adventure inside the milk carton began at the beginning of 2018 and moved to football this past summer. By swiping the screen, players kicked the ball, and Aamu leapt to defend the goal.

They aimed to offer new experiences with existing products and entertain current as well as new football fans with the latest tech. The World Cup and the yearly Helsinki Cup were hot topics this summer and Arla wanted to offer current content. The campaign was hugely popular and talked about all throughout the summer, with kids all over Finland contributing to the high score board.

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