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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 5.8.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Event attendees want unique and memorable experiences. At the interior design trade fair Habitare 2018 in Helsinki, the fair used augmented reality to place 3D models of Finnish design brand Artek's furniture in and around the space, letting visitors see what they look like in a real environment. 

    Habitare is Finland's most prominent furniture, decor and design event that turned the visitor's fair experience into an adventure with the help of AR.




    Client Habitare
    Design Laura Väinölä
    3D Design Aliina Kauranne
    AR Production Arilyn

    At Habitare's trend exhibition Signals, Arilyn placed 3D models in AR of Artek's furniture in and around the space, letting visitors see what they look like in an actual room. You could also step in through an AR portal: a digital dream world right here among our reality, letting the mind and imagination float alongside the imaginary digital landscape.

    Augmented reality in interior design display is a simple way of showcasing multiple products in a limited space and even bringing your whole product catalogue with you to every event and occasion. AR can also give visitors a chance to visual play, moving furniture around, or interacting with objects far beyond the scope of what an everyday home would entail.

    Everything you can see, you cannot touch

    In 2019, the head architect of the expo, designer Laura Väinölä, created a massive architectural installation with flowing curtains, rounding the main stage. In between the curtains, with the Arilyn app, you could view dreamy, out of this world decoration modelled by Aliina Kauranne, which you could walk around and observe. All the objects were accompanied by a soundworld, adding to the flowing motion of the curtains surrounding them.

    The familiar, everyday household items stepped into a surreal, even magical, level; an ordinary floor mat transformed into a flying carpet. The fair visitors could explore the immaterial interior design through the free Arilyn app. 


    Messukeskus, the organiser of Habitare, is planning on continuing the AR usage in its events.

    "Augmented reality is a great tool to enrich experiences. We will present different AR solutions for event stands to our clients in the near future," says the Head of Marketing and Communications of Messukeskus, Maria Mroue.

    We are eagerly waiting to hear more about the AR solutions the trailblazer of events in Finland has in mind! In the meanwhile, you can read more about AR-enhanced events:

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