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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 14.9.2023
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    Experiential marketing is a highly effective way to engage customers and improve client loyalty. It takes the audience in the centre of brand messaging rather than pushing through in the ocean of ads. 

    Interactions are at the heart of experiential marketing; a brand directly encourages its audience to participate in a brand experience. Involving your customers in your story makes them feel connected to you rather than sold to.

    Creating experiences for your audience and making a lasting impact might sound arduous, but it doesn't have to be! Immersive and interactive online spaces enable you to present your offering and tell your story in a way that is exciting, engaging, and memorable.

    Online showrooms

    Showcasing brands' offerings online doesn't need to be static and dull. You can invite your audience on an adventure to explore your offering and brand story. 

    An online showroom enables you to reach more potential buyers than a physical showroom but with a fraction of effort. You can also present your offering with context and scale, which isn't possible with a traditional 2D website or a brochure. 

    Viessmann's online space presents not only its offering but also the brand

    The world around us is changing at a speed never seen before. Societies, cultures, and markets evolve according to new innovations and trends. Businesses need to keep up with the changing needs and do that sustainably.

    Viessmann is a company aiming for sustainable growth for generations to come. It is Europe's leading supplier of commercial refrigeration and other solutions for more sustainable ways of doing. The company now presents parts of its offering in an extended reality experience.

    Read more here.

    Music Finland promotes music in an online showroom

    Music Finland opened an online showroom to enhance the export of Finnish music abroad. The virtual space enables music enthusiasts worldwide to explore the Finnish music scene.

    The extended reality (XR) showroom showcases various artists and music imagery from Finland - flavoured with probably the most famous Finn of all time.

    Read more here.

    Brand storytelling

    Your brand's story is important to you - not so much for your audience. Unless you make them an active participant. Online spaces enable your audience to interact with your brand and learn your story. 

    Immersive and interactive brand storytelling gives your customers exactly what they crave - accessible experiences in the comfort of their browsers.

    Take a peek inside the pizza box in Kotipizza's online brand space

    Sustainability is the word of the day. It is the new normal for all businesses to operate in a way that keeps them and our planet going for generations to come.

    Kotipizza, the Nordic's largest pizza restaurant chain, is committed to acting sustainably in everything it does. The company's mission - to be on the side of good - is now being told through extended reality.

    Read more here.

    Arla's new XR world invites to explore cows' lives on a pasture

    The dairy industry has taken giant leaps in animal welfare. The farmers and the producers alike pay more and more attention to ecological and ethical ways and manoeuvres instead of plainly focusing on efficiency. When animals can behave naturally, their welfare is at a higher level.

    But what is the natural behaviour of dairy cows? Arla, the Nordic dairy giant, aims to raise awareness around the cows' well-being in its new XR Pasture experience.

    Read more here

    Panda brought summer vibes to every backyard with an extended reality gig

    Summer is the time for cheerful music, festivals and overall good vibes. However, the past years – the lockdowns and social distancing – have changed how we celebrate summer. Remote yet accessible virtual experiences have become more important and familiar to people.

    Finnish candy brand Panda brought a mini-festival inside its candy bags.

    Read more here.

    Art experiences interpreted online

    Art experiences are always best in person. However, with virtual spaces, you can extend your reach and offer more art to more people. For example, you can utilise online 3D content to market a physical art exhibition or gather before-unseen material to delight your fans.

    With art, the experiential viewpoint is crucial, and online platforms such as static websites or social media don't do much. 3D web spaces, however, enable you to create a wholesome experience around your pieces.

    Pepe Deluxé online art exhibition

    What are Panoramal Paranormal Investigations? What kind of equipment do you need to go on a Phantom hunt? Is it more dangerous than they say… or an unorganised exercise in futility?

    Pepe Deluxé's fifth album, The Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1, is a wild collection of psychedelic prog-funk and percussive groove-rock, ripe for the dancefloor, laced with exotica flavours and upbeat songwriting.

    The album, released on October 22 2021, by Catskills Records, came accompanied by an online exhibition.

    Read more here.

    David Lynch sneak peek online exhibition

    Helsinki Photo Festival brought David Lynch's photography exhibition Infinite Deep to Finland in the autumn of 2022. The world-famous film director's most eager fans could get in the mood with a sneak peek online art exhibition and get tickets to the physical exhibition.

    Read more here.

    Transform your website into an adventure!

    The world is full of noise. People have seen it all and skip boring content faster than ever. Your audience craves experiences.

    Stand out and differentiate in a world full of noise.

    Spark interest and curiosity by inviting your customers on an adventure. Offer value and pull with experiences instead of pushing your message.

    Make your message immersive and interactive.

    Keep your audience focused and tell your story without interruptions. Gamifying guides your customers to interact with your branded content.

    Connect emotion to your message and make it stick.

    An emotionally and cognitively engaged audience will remember your message. They are ready and willing to take action with a call to action.

    Integrate 3D to your website or create standalone online experiences.

    Begin your epic journey with a free consultation.

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