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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 26.8.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    The Baltic Sea Day is an annual celebration in honour of the sea, launched by the John Nurminen Foundation. 

    What better way to celebrate the Baltic Sea Day today on the 26th of August than putting together some examples of how extended and augmented reality can tell the story of our beloved sea? 

    No better way, I would say. So, here goes! 

    John Nurminen Foundation XR exhibition

    As a part of the Digimuseo platform launched in May 2020, John Nurminen Foundation's XR exhibition introduces the foundation's goals in saving the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations.

    The exhibition showcases the history, collections, and operations of the John Nurminen Foundation. The highlights of its collection do their part in conveying the stories and the heritage of the sea.

    The exhibition is built as a WebAR experience. It is available and accessible at all times and anywhere in the world - the visitor only needs an internet browser!

    You can visit the exhibition here.


    Gamified WebAR campaign helps save the Baltic Sea

    During three weeks in fall 2019, Finnish hypermarket chain K-Citymarket launched an augmented fishing competition in stores nationwide. The campaign was a WebAR campaign, making it the first commercial WebAR campaign in Finland.

    The hypermarket shoppers could scan a QR code that ignited the phone's web browser and out popped an animated sea. The participants could throw their virtual fishnet into the sea, and after 12 hours, could draw it out. If the net produced fish, they could claim their prize at the register or donate 1€ to the John Nurminen Foundation to protect the Baltic Sea.


    Making an impact with immersion and WebAR

    With interactive content, the audience feels more connected to the message. And when a person feels, the more likely they are to take action. Whether the desired action is to raise awareness of a certain issue, or something purely commercial, XR is a fantastic tool to attract.

    For even greater attraction, use WebAR! It lowers the bar for the audience to take part, as it doesn't demand any downloads, installations, or registrations. Your message and content will be available and accessible anytime, anywhere. 

    In comparison to all the other digital channels and mediums we have at our hands, WebXR is more effective in leaving a lasting impact. 

    Think it like this: would you rather spend your time doing research and browsing through dozens of websites that all look pretty much the same and not really be able to tell the difference, or step inside an experience that offers you the same information, but in a way you can interact with it, in other words, be a part of it?

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