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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 22.12.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    This year has brought many challenges to visual artists. How to reach the audience when galleries are closed and people won't leave their homes?

    The global lockdown has accelerated the development and adoption of technology. Not only in communication but also the entertainment and arts field. Immersive technologies have made it possible for people everywhere to interact with their favourite artists, even while physically apart. 


    Client  Pertti's ChoiseKalevi Helvetti
    AR Production  Arilyn


    Open the gates to Hell with extended reality

    Kalevi Helvetti is an outsider artist from Helsinki. He is the alter-ego of guitarist Pertti Kurikka from a legendary Finnish punk band, PKN.

    Kalevi Helvetti is also a promoter of equality, diversity, and punk attitude. The band's cultural production space for outsider art and culture Pertti's Choice is the first social enterprise founded by disabled people in Finland.

    Kalevi Helvetti finds inspiration in his artwork from Hell, the Bible, death, skeletons, dangerous animals, and diseases - all of which are now presented in his very own Hell: Kalevi Helvetti virtual art gallery.

    The Virtual Art Gallery is inspired by Kalevi's wish of his own personal Hell. In this place, he could express his interest in all things frightful.

    The visitors can explore Kalevi's drawings, watch a short film Plague of New York and a live recording from his performance, and even meet a ghostly hologram of the artist!

    Virtual Art Gallery helps to make outsider art accessible

    Kalevi Helvetti virtual art gallery is a part of something bigger. Pertti's Choice and Kyrö Distillery Company have launched the True Equality -campaign. The campaign is about equal chances for all to re-build the cultural life from the pandemic's ruins.

    As part of the True Equality -campaign, the virtual art gallery makes outsider art more visible and accessible. It offers a chance both to the artist to display their art safely and the audience to explore artworks they love or discover whole new ones.

    Open the gates to Hell:

    Kalevi Helvetti Gallery Design 2 (1)-1


    Virtual art galleries offer immersive experiences that come very close to visiting a physical gallery.

    Check out other virtual galleries:

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