Art beyond the frame

Posted by Tommi Merelin on 18.6.2018

Arilyn helped to expose the world beyond one of Finland's most iconic paintings. When scanned with Arilyn AR app, the painting appeared around the user in a 360-degree panorama, providing a more colourful and involved experience.

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Topics: Case study, Art, Museum

Get to know Arilyn – CMO Tommi

Posted by Frida G on 8.6.2018

Let’s welcome one of our newest members, Tommi to the Team Arilyn! Tommi started at the beginning of April as our CMO, short for Chief Marketing Officer. He has a proven track record of setting startups on their path, and he has a mission to push Arilyn towards new augmented horizons! We thought it would be fun to interview Tommi with a random batch of questions, so we could all get to know him a bit better.

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Topics: Get to know Arilyn

Huawei retail experience

Posted by Tommi Merelin on 8.6.2018

Arilyn helped with the launch of the new Huawei P20 mobile phone by creating an augmented reality retail experience. The retail concept was launched in 12 countries across EMEA. With the help of augmented reality, the consumer can take a closer look at all the fine details and cool features of the new device at the moment of being in the store.

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Topics: Case study, Retail, Consumer goods

Augmented Reality Christmas adventure

Posted by Tommi Merelin on 4.6.2018

Have you ever wondered what happens in the department store after the lights go out? The Stockmann department store in Helsinki was filled with Christmas magic. The campaign was a huge success combining real-world Christmas ambience with memorable and playful augmented reality content. 

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Topics: Case study, Retail

Kitten in a milk carton

Posted by Frida G on 28.5.2018

Aamu the cat dreams of being a cow. Aamu lives in a milk carton and leaps from the milk carton onto the breakfast table to interact with the user and to be adored. Over the course of several days, Aamu develops from a small kitten to a fully-grown cat and learns new tricks on the way - even how to moo!

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Topics: Case study, Consumer goods

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