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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 9.6.2021
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    Showrooms, fair booths, and event marketing are great ways to connect with potential clients. You get a chance to explain your offerings, and your audience can ask questions right there and then.

    However, keeping them up and rolling is a lot of work. Setting up, making sure the brochures, pens, and candy are in place, there's plenty to give away, and cleaning things up afterwards takes a while.

    In this digital era we live in, one might wonder why there is no option just as engaging but not as high-maintenance. Wonder no more, as virtual spaces are here!

    Like physical environments, virtual spaces can be used for many objectives - from a showroom to an Art experience to an environmental statement.

    Virtual space is a real business benefit

    When thinking about business, it's all about presenting. Whether it's showcasing the products and services you offer or explaining the value and benefits behind them, you need to make sure your message is loud and clear. A virtual showroom enables you to present everything you need in a single session and guide your audience to the next steps.

    A virtual showroom is easy to maintain - no construction work, no cleaning, no worrying if the items are in place and available. Your message will be at reach and open at all times and to everyone you want.

    A virtual showroom is accessible and easily shareable - and super entertaining! Your audience can interact with your content, leaving a more lasting impact than passive content.

    Alma Brand Studio's content marketing services in a virtual showroom

    In marketing and sales, it's always better to show than tell. The new decade began with an unusual situation, which requires unique and novel ways of showing. And telling.

    As a part of our research of new WebAR-powered advertising solutions for media houses, Alma Media created a virtual showroom to showcase its content marketing solutions. The showroom is run by WebAR and consists of two rooms: the first introducing the content marketing services at Alma Brand Studio, and the second one customer cases.

    Read more from here.


    WebAR makes sustainability visible - virtual visit to Lippulaiva

    Citycon, a leading owner, manager, and developer of mixed-use centres for urban living in the Nordics builds a new and improved shopping centre, Lippulaiva, in Espoonlahti, Espoo, Finland. Lippulaiva will serve various daily needs - everything from everyday shopping to housing, daycare, and public transport.

    Besides making running everyday errands easier, Citycon is also committed to sustainability. Lippulaiva has opened a virtual showroom to bring the ideology and the still-in-construction shopping centre closer to future visitors.


    "This is the first time in Finland that augmented reality is used in presenting such a large commercial building to consumers. We wanted to offer a unique possibility for our customers to visit the completed Lippulaiva before it actually is," states Mari Laaksonen, Commercial Director of Citycon Finland, in a press release.


    Read more from here.

    Virtual space brings your content closer to your audience

    Experiences are what drives us all. We want to feel connected to others and engage in interaction. Being connected and interacting with others and our surroundings make us feel things. Emotions play a massive part in making decisions, and emotions are where we need to hit when selling our cause. 

    The lockdown has restricted us from feeding our hunger for connection and interaction. We are all bombarded with ads and messages every day, but we rarely get a kick out of them. 

    Virtual spaces make an exception. They enable offering experiences, connection, and interaction remotely.

    Welcome to Hell! Kalevi Helvetti virtual art gallery

    Kalevi Helvetti is an outsider artist from Helsinki. He is the alter-ego of guitarist Pertti Kurikka from a legendary Finnish punk band, PKN.

    Kalevi Helvetti is also a promoter of equality, diversity, and punk attitude. The band's cultural production space for outsider art and culture Pertti's Choice is the first social enterprise in Finland founded by disabled people.

    Kalevi Helvetti's artwork is inspired by Hell, the Bible, death, skeletons, dangerous animals, and diseases. All of them are now presented in his very own Hell: Kalevi Helvetti virtual art gallery.

    Read more from here.

    Displaying Art is at the dawn of new: Jani Leinonen virtual art gallery

    The infamous year of 2020 changed almost everything in our lives - at least the cultural aspect. Galleries and museums are struggling with the loss of audience and visual artists from not displaying their work. 

    Now, we're at the dawn of something new, as a visual artist Jani Leinonen is one of the first in the frontline to try out a novel way of displaying Art.

    Jani Leinonen is one of Finland's most internationally known visual artists. His Art evokes emotions towards the current state of the world and triggers conversations around the globe. Among his most famous artworks are Tony is back! -video seriesHunger King restaurant, and the Ronald McDonald sculptures

    Read more from here.

    The glory of Egypt shines again in AR

    We rarely get an opportunity to explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Even more rarely, we can immerse ourselves in them. Today we can.

    Amos Rex is a museum where the past, the present, and the future meet. In 2020 the museum exhibited the foundation of our society: the glory of Egypt. A never-before-seen experience, a virtual ancient tomb, sends visitors off on a journey thousands of years back in time.

    Read more from here.

    HALO Open Art Studio brings art experience right to your living room

    In these strange times, when everything is shut down, and we all want to avoid travelling around, the municipality of Tuusula in Finland took a step towards virtual cultural experiences. Together, we created an augmented experience of Halosenniemi, the atelier home of the artist Pekka Halonen. 

    Halonen's studio opened to the public in the 1950s as a museum dedicated to Pekka Halonen and his life and Art. In 2020, the studio took a step into the future, as the AR experience HALO Open Art Studio.

    Read more from here.

    Digital museum is improving preservation and accessibility with AR

    A new digital museum service Digimuseo launched in May 2020. Digimuseo aims to make museum content available in an inspiring and safe digital environment and offer user-friendly platforms for all consumers and museums.

    Up until now, museums in Finland have had varying digital services, depending on their resources. Digimuseo brings a much-needed tool to equal possibilities on preservation and accessibility.

    Read more from here.


    Art gate - step into the virtual gallery

    In Helsinki, Finland, the main gallery of the Ateneum Art Museum was closed during March 2020 for a light renovation. The museum decided to not let visitors or the artworks themselves suffer. Hence, they created a virtual gallery where the Art could be seen and admired for the duration of the renovation.

    Bridging the gap between century-old painting and virtual technology, we have the Art Gate, accessible through your phone or tablet from wherever you are.

    Read more from here.

    A virtual experience that is out of this world but real

    Virtual spaces allow us to play with physics. When creating a new platform for display, we don't have to settle for reality. And when the presentation is a bit abnormal, it will leave a more lasting impact.

    The world of Twin Peaks in augmented reality

    We have long strived to provide tools for storytellers. In this project, we created a virtual 3D space inspired by the famous TV series Twin Peaks that would allow you to step into another world and marvel at its wonders.

    "This project was created as an AR gate, a virtual gate you can walk through and experience an alternate reality. A kind of portal, and also a homage to the work of David Lynch and the alternate worlds he created. This was only the first step, but I can hardly contain myself thinking about the future of using AR for narrative storytelling may bring," described Arilyn's Creative Director Otso Kähönen.

    Read more from here.

    Greenpeace uses AR to save the Great Northern Forests

    In summer 2018, Greenpeace launched a campaign to save the Great Northern Forests and their importance to our climate change fate. The trees and soils of the Northern Forests are the single largest carbon store on Earth's land surface and not as renewable as the forest industry lets consumers believe.

    Greenpeace decided to use augmented reality to globally raise awareness for the Great Northern Forests and their trees. They invited people all over the world to walk into the Great Northern Forests. 

    Read more from here.


    Reaching, attracting, engaging, and impacting an audience with virtual space is as easy as it gets. Create a wholesome experience from the separate pieces of content, and share it with the world as easily as a website.

    Virtual spaces enable the mountain to come to Mohammad - mountain being your content and Mohammad being your audience. Give Mohammad a break - move the mountain!

    Contact us, and let's make it happen!

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